Farming and Robotics

Much like using robots and artificial intelligence in other industries, robotics within agriculture would improve productivity and would result in higher and faster yields. Such robots like the spraying and weeding robots recently acquired by John Deere can reduce agrochemical use by an incredible 90%.

Other startup robotics companies are experimenting with laser and camera guidance for identifying and removing weeds without human intervention. These robots can use the guidance to navigate between rows of crops on its own, reducing the manpower behind it. Other companies are creating plant-transplanting robots that add a new level of efficiency to traditional methods and finally, automation is being tested for fruit-picking and nut harvesting, something that has always seemed to be too delicate for robotics in the past.

Optimizing this above-the-fold area to make the most of the screen real estate had the biggest impact of all the things I tested. Switching my opt-in box from the sidebar on the right to the header area just below my logo and navigation was a

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