Machine Learning and Analytics

Perhaps one of the most innovative pieces of the digital transformation is the ability to use machine learning and advanced analytics to mine data for trends. This can start way before the planting of the seed, with plant breeders. Machine learning can predict which traits and genes will be best for crop production, giving farmers all over the world the best breed for their location and climate.

Machine learning algorithms can also be used within the manufacturing aspect of agriculture, where consumers purchase their products. These algorithms can show which products are being purchased the most and which products are falling under in the market. Thus, creating proficient and effective forecasts for future farming.

I believe that the future of agriculture depends on its digital transformation. Farmers will benefit from each of these digital transformation trends in agriculture, giving them freedom from concerns over the environment, a better yielding crop and the ability to manage their crops in new and efficient methods. As our population continues to grow, our agricultural methods must grow with it. It’s time to take advantage of the technology we have at our disposal to put food on our table and create peace of mind for our farmers.

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