Industries of The Primary Sector of the Economy

The Primary sector of the economy includes any industry involved in the extraction and production of raw materials, such as farming, logging, fishing and mining. The primary sector tends to make up a larger portion of the economy in developing countries than it does in developed countries. Primary industry is the sector of the economy that extracts and processes natural resources. This can be compared to secondary industry that turns natural resources into finished products such as manufacturing and construction businesses. The following are the basic types of primary industry.

Agriculture is a series of complex individual but inter-dependent processes. Agricultural work needs to be organised into efficient stages to ensure a good yield. Therefore, the success of a given product is based on a triangle formed by the farmer, technology and the service- and consulting concept.

Two terms crop up at regular intervals: “precision farming” and “smart farming”. What do they mean? “Precision farming” is the targeted management of agricultural land using smart electronics. Examples include electronic devices for sensor-assisted soil assessment, the automated monitoring of free-ranging animals on pastures and the targeted control of agricultural machinery. Modern differentiated farming methods enable the management of spatial and temporal variability within plots of land.

Growing crops or raising animals for food and raw materials. An estimated 1 billion people are employed in agriculture.

Catching aquatic animals such as fish, molluscs, cephalopods, crustaceans and echinoderms. The term fishing is not used for the capture of aquatic mammals or the raising of fish in a fish farm. Fishing and aquaculture employs up to 500 million people directly and indirectly on a global basis.

Mining is the extraction and processing of valuable materials from the earth such as minerals, metals, gemstones, rock, salt and clay.

Quarrying is the process of removing rock, sand, gravel or other minerals from the ground in order to use them to produce materials for construction or other uses. So, a quarry is any such working on the surface of the earth where minerals are extracted.

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