An easy-to-use authoring tool for coworking on microcourses and tests online.

iSpring Page is an online authoring tool for creating microcourses online, collaborating on them with your team, and publishing to SCORM for your LMS. With iSpring Page, you can build a microcourse right in your browser in just one minute!


To help learners retain information better, you can divide content into chapters, add YouTube or Vimeo videos, and embed interactive content from other sites.

Add online knowledge checks to your microcourses to assess information retention. Easily create graded quizzes with three question types: multiple-choice, multiple response, and short answer. Microcourses perfectly adapt to any screen size: PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

In just one click, you can publish a microcourse to SCORM or xAPI formats to upload it to your LMS and track employees’ progress.

In iSpring Page, co-authors can collaborate on a course. Simply send a link to a course to your colleagues and they’ll be able to edit it and help you get the project ready faster.


An online authoring tool for microcourses

Graded knowledge checks

Branded look and feel

Adaptive courses

Publishing to SCORM

Collaboration on courses

Meet  iSpring Page, a Cloud Authoring Tool for Microcourses

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